Dutch bike culture

On the VACC listserv today, Gregg Sayer posted a great article on bike culture in the Netherlands. Small-wheel bikes are clearly the thing of the future out there – he’s got some great pictures of cargo bikes. Check it out, and see some photos of an eight-man cycling beer machine.
Gregg Sayer’s blog.

3 thoughts on “Dutch bike culture

  1. Paul pointed out that you can see the beer-bike’s URL in the photo – it’s called Het Fietscafe and there are more photos, specs, etc. at the website. Apparently it seats seventeen, and there’s a pink model for the ladies.
    Ray mentioned a very cool new folding bike called the A-bike – it weighs only 5kg, folds up into almost no space, and only costs about $500.

  2. Where can I purchase a Dutch Bike? US East Coast preferred New York City would be awsome.

  3. They sell a range of them at the Urbane Cyclist shop in Toronto… but I don’t know New York. There are a few comments on the extremely expensive Vancouver Jorg & Olif brand here – they now deliver to the U.S.

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