David Pritchard is a software developer and data scientist/transportation modeller, currently employed at Metrolinx (the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority). He has a background is in both computer science and civil engineering, with the skills to analyze the behaviour of large urban systems using computer models.


For the curious, an older résumé is also available from a period when I was more focused as a transportation modeller/data scientist.

Personal website

This website is devoted to professional interests; a separate website is devoted to personal interests. Please visit davidpritchard.org/personal for more information.

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  1. David,

    It is amazing what you find when you google your own name. I stumbled across your website and found out that we have two things in common. I am fascinated with transit systems and maps and their influence on city building. I am especially fascinated with Vancouver’s transit system! Anyways great site.


    David Pritchard

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