Metro Vancouver Rapid Transit Map


Thank you for using the Metro Vancouver Rapid Transit map.  This is a hobby project by David Pritchard, pulling together to present it in a more useful digital form.

Map Legend

  • Blue – Expo SkyTrain line
  • Gold – Millenium SkyTrain line
  • Aqua – Canada SkyTrain line
  • Orange – B-Line bus rapid transit “light” services
  • Purple – West Coast Express commuter train service


The maps shown are current as of September 2012. See the TransLink website for the latest maps.


More details and discussion of the origins and work on this map can be found in my blog posts.

One thought on “Metro Vancouver Rapid Transit Map

  1. Hi David. May I please have a CSV, XLSX or KML version of this map to superpose it on my MyPlaces Vancouver map? My daughter and I will travel to Vancouver next week and it will be really useful.
    Thanks, and have happy Holidays (Merry Christmas!).

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