Subcultures & cycling

The Copenhagenize blog has some interesting thoughts on cycling and subcultures: do the┬ávarious cycling subcultures (racers, couriers, mountain bikers) in North America get in the way of making cycling appealing to normal citizens? The subcultures define themselves by gear or attitude – and I think this is quite offputting for normal people. It’s like a world where choosing to drive made everyone think you were a Formula One fan or a fix-your-own-car-guy. That said, the various European cycle chic blogs are perhaps guilty of pushing another subculture: beautiful people.

One thought on “Subcultures & cycling

  1. Yeah, after spending a few years in Toronto, I was shocked at the “gear” culture of cycling in Vancouver when I went back for a brief visit. Funny how I didn’t really notice it at the time, but now it puts me off a bit.

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