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Site Split

In the wake of the Facebook explosion, I’ve been thinking more about my public/private face on the web. This site started as a personal site with some professional sidelines, like my old work in computer graphics and my transportation bibliography. However, I’ve decided that I want this to primarily be my professional face to the world, and so I’m splitting the blog in half. This is mostly just for cleanness of presentation, avoiding littering my professional site with personal cruft.
My personal posts will now be at; please visit at your leisure, update your bookmarks and add the new side to your feed reader. My professional posts will remain on this site. If you do want to read both, you can just subscribe to both, or use the blended feed.
As part of this reorganization, I’m also going to start publishing a feed of news clippings I find interesting. Both the professional and personal sites have an additional feed on the right that you can subscribe to if you’re interested. The professional one is focused on transportation and land use articles, while the personal one has more entertainment, web miscellanea and politics. Also, in case you missed the addition, my personal site has a list of movie reviews in the sidebar (using the same plugin as Eric).
Finally, if you’ve never tried using feeds and “subscribing” to blogs, I encourage you to try it out (click on the “Entries” link at the top right of the site). Google Reader is a great tool for following blogs, and it makes it far easier to absorb information from far-flung corners of the web. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.


In an effort to fight comment spam, I’ve upgraded the website from WordPress 1.5 to WordPress 2.2. I’ve disabled some of my older ineffective antispam plugins, and I’ve switched to Akismet instead. As a bonus, I can start using some of the newer plugins like the movie reviews thing that Eric uses.
Let me know if you have any problems.