David Pritchard

Summary of Qualifications
  • Travel demand modeller with experience using four-stage and other models to solve real-world problems
  • Transit planner with a deep understanding of technologies, performance, costs, capacities and network design
  • Problem solver with outstanding numerical and analytical skills, exceptionally fast learner
  • Clear communicator with particularly strong visual skills
  • Strategic thinker with a big-picture understanding of transportation policy, economics/finance, land use, climate change and urban politics
Selected Work
2010 – 2016
Toronto, ON
Manager, Modelling & Geomatics (2015 – 2016)
Senior Advisor, Strategic Policy & Systems Planning
  • Lead for travel demand forecasting at regional planning agency
  • Major improvements to travel demand modelling quality control process for an EMME-based four-stage model
  • Calibrated transit assignment process for four-stage model, ensuring good fit to observed route choice data
  • Lead modeller for "RER New Stations" business cases: a suite of 20 cost-benefit studies looking at potential new commuter rail stations
  • Managed ridership forecasts for Regional Express Rail service on seven commuter rail lines
  • Steered implementation of Enterprise GIS system and managed the development of an initial base map
  • Led the Lakeshore Express Rail Strategy, a $400,000 rail service planning study designed to make best use of electric rolling stock
  • Led traffic modelling of construction impacts of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, Sheppard East LRT and Finch West LRT.
  • Led a minor update of the regional transportation plan
  • Defined scope and workplan for regional transportation plan progress reporting process, and guided implementation of workplan
  • Managed a growing team: two staff for 2012–14, up to five staff for 2015–16. Informal mentoring role for a broader group of 10–15 staff. Duties included budgeting, hiring, performance reviews
  • Trained team in software best practices: scrum/agile work planning, version control system, regression testing
  • Contributed to many other divisions' workplans: fare integration study, Regional Express Rail business case, Yonge Relief Network Study, Metrolinx Investment Strategy, Toronto LRT service planning, and the Union Station 2031 study
2008 – 2010
Toronto, ON
Advisor, Investment Strategy & Projects
  • Substantial role in $770 million Transit City Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) procurement, including negotiations with Bombardier and management of the LRV Procurement Options Study
  • Supported ten rapid transit appraisal (cost/benefit) studies: LRT, BRT and subway
  • Supported project implementation activity: project milestone and risk tracking, developing policy, creating presentation materials, capital budgeting and media messaging

TransLink / GVTA
May 2006 – Aug. 2006
Vancouver, BC
Transportation Data and Applications Development Specialist
  • Measured conformance of bus system to Transit Service Guidelines, using schedules and manual ride check data
  • Data analysis to support Frequent Transit Network service branding project. Also supported South of Fraser Area bus network planning and consultation
Side Effects Software
2003 – 2006
Vancouver / Toronto
3D Software Developer, Houdini physics team
Selected Volunteer
Volunteer Activity
Toronto, ON
  • Built a web-based transit map using Google Maps / Javascript (2005)
  • Updated in 2011 to combine print maps of all transit agencies in the GTHA, using a suite of tools such as GDALWarp, MapTiler
City of Vancouver
2005 – 2006
Vancouver, BC
Chair, Bicycle Network Subcommittee
  • Facilitated discussion and organized agendas
  • Reviewed engineering designs and advocated for improvements to manage conflicting bicycle/auto movements
University of Toronto
2006 – 2008
Toronto, ON
M.A.Sc. in Civil Engineering
  • Transportation Planning program, A+ in all courses
  • Modelling paper published in peer-reviewed journal Transportation (2012), "Advances in Population Synthesis: fitting many attributes per agent and fitting to household and person margins simultaneously." Presented earlier draft at Transportation Research Board (2009)
  • Part of Integrated Land Use Transportation Environment (ILUTE) modelling team under Dr. Eric Miller
Uni. of British Columbia
2001 – 2003
Vancouver, BC
M.Sc. in Computer Science
University of Waterloo
1996 – 2001
Waterloo, ON
B.A.Sc. in Computer Engineering

French: excellent comprehension, good spoken; some written.