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Keyword: "transit-oriented development"

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Keywords: urban planning, new urbanism, transit-oriented development
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Keywords: urban planning, transit-oriented development
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Keywords: transit, urban planning, transport planning, canada, land use transport link, urban form, transit-oriented development
[4] Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris and Tridib Banerjee. There's no there there: or why neighborhoods don't readily develop around light rail stations. Access Magazine, 9:2-6, Fall 1996. [ bib ]
A short but interesting look at the failures around the Blue Line in Los Angeles. When transportation planners choose a transit alignment through an industrial/abandoned area with cheap land, I think the ridership estimates need to be informed by the miserable urban realm around transit stations... but I imagine they completely ignore such micro features.
Keywords: urban planning, transit-oriented development
[5] Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris and Tridib Banerjee. The Blue Line blues: why the vision of transit village may not materialize despite impressive growth in transit ridership. Journal of Urban Design, 5(2):101-125, 2000. [ bib ]
Keywords: urban planning, transit-oriented development, transport planning, land use transport link
[6] Holly M. Lund, Robert Cervero, and Richard W. Willson. Travel characteristics of Transit-Oriented Development in California. Technical report, Cal Poly Ponoma / UC Berkeley / San Francisco BART, Sacramento, CA, USA, January 2004. [ bib ]
Keywords: land use transport link, transport planning, transit-oriented development

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