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Keyword: "architecture"

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Apparently, a critique of hierarchical, tree-like city design (particularly conventional suburban street layouts)
Keywords: architecture, urban design, urban form, streets, street design
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Keywords: architecture, urban design
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Keywords: architecture, urban design
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Keywords: architecture, urban design
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Keywords: architecture, urban design
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Keywords: architecture
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Keywords: architecture
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Keywords: architecture, urban design
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Keywords: urban planning, architecture, new urbanism, urban design
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Keywords: architecture
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Keywords: new urbanism, architecture
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Keywords: architecture, urban design
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Keywords: street design, streets, urban design, architecture, sustainability
[14] Albert Pope. Ladders. Rice School of Architecture; Princeton Architectural Press, Houston, TX; New York City, NY, USA, 1996. [ bib ]
Discusses urban form in the freeway era, the different connectivities of the grid system and the “ladder” system of the freeway era, and Houston in particular. Some very interesting ideas (judging from references), especially the notion of the freeway system enforcing a hierarchy, and forming spiralling patterns in contrast to the grid system. Unfortunately, my library doesn't have a copy...
Keywords: architecture, urban planning, transport planning, urban form
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Keywords: urban planning, architecture
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detailed annotation

This book examines the development of Vancouver's unique approach to zoning, planning, and urban design from the early 1970s to the beginning of the twenty-first century. By the late 1990s, Vancouver had established a reputation in North America for its planning achievement, especially for its creation of a participative, responsive, and design-led approach to urban regeneration and redevelopment. This system has other important features: an innovative approach to megaproject planning, a system of cost and amenity levies on major schemes, a participative process to underpin active neighbourhood planning, and a sophisticated panoply of design guidelines. These systems, processes, and their achievements place Vancouver at the forefront of international planning practice. The Vancouver Achievement explains the keys to its success, and evaluates its approach to planning and design against internationally accepted criteria. Generously illustrated with over 160 photos and figures, this book - the first comprehensive account of contemporary planning and urban design practice in any Canadian city - will appeal to academic and professional audiences, as well as the general public.

Keywords: history, canada, urban planning, urban politics, architecture, streets, urban design
[17] David Rudlin and Nicholas Falk. Building the 21st Century Home: The Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood. Architectural Press, 1999. [ bib ]
Keywords: architecture, urban planning

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