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19.Sep.2006 Angus Adventures

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with an impressive couple. Colin Angus was the first person to circumnavigate the globe under human power – mostly rowing and cycling. His fiancée Julie joined him for part of the trip and became the first woman to row the Atlantic. They showed me an early cut of […]

15.Feb.2006 Newmindspace

I’d heard about the December subway party, but I hadn’t realized that the organizers had hosted other events. Newmindspace have hosted a party in a streetcar, two subway parties, and staged a pillow fight to make use of the sterile and ugly Dundas Square. Some excellent ideas, if you ask me. They came to my […]

22.Nov.2005 Fog

So what’s up with the weather? After four days of living in a cloud, it’s starting to feel strange. This would never happen in Toronto. I was out biking on Sunday night, and I really couldn’t see more than two metres ahead of me in the dark alley, and maybe 15 metres ahead on the […]