Angus Adventures

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with an impressive couple. Colin Angus was the first person to circumnavigate the globe under human power – mostly rowing and cycling. His fiancée Julie joined him for part of the trip and became the first woman to row the Atlantic. They showed me an early cut of their 60-minute film, and it was excellent—they had some really incredible stories. To me, the most amazing part was cycling through Siberia in the winter, with average temperatures of -50°C. There were plenty of other great episodes in their trek: rowing from Alaska to Kamchatka, dealing with hurricanes on the Atlantic, and some anecdotes that I don’t want to reveal until they’ve at least released the film – it will hopefully be coming to an outdoors film festival near you, followed by a book in the spring. See their itinerary on their website, and check out some of the photos.


I’d heard about the December subway party, but I hadn’t realized that the organizers had hosted other events. Newmindspace have hosted a party in a streetcar, two subway parties, and staged a pillow fight to make use of the sterile and ugly Dundas Square. Some excellent ideas, if you ask me. They came to my attention today because of an act they labelled the “Queen of Hearts” – basically just chalking hearts all over Queen West.

Yay Toronto. Maybe it doesn’t match Vancouver in zombiewalks, but there’s indie culture to be found.

(Photo courtesy of neuroticjose).


So what’s up with the weather? After four days of living in a cloud, it’s starting to feel strange. This would never happen in Toronto. I was out biking on Sunday night, and I really couldn’t see more than two metres ahead of me in the dark alley, and maybe 15 metres ahead on the brightly lit streets.