After neglecting this blog for a long time, I’ve just upgraded from WordPress 2.2 to WordPress 3.0.

I’ve also tried moving it from http://personal.davidpritchard.org to http://davidpritchard.org/personal, in a desperate attempt to get Google to admit that it exists. For some reason, Google Webmaster tells me that this site has 70 URLs in its sitemap, but Google’s index contains 0 URLs. If you have any idea why this would happen, let me know.


In an effort to fight comment spam, I’ve upgraded the website from WordPress 1.5 to WordPress 2.2. I’ve disabled some of my older ineffective antispam plugins, and I’ve switched to Akismet instead. As a bonus, I can start using some of the newer plugins like the movie reviews thing that Eric uses.

Let me know if you have any problems.

Ashes to Ashes

My server’s hard disk seems to have died, one hour before I left the house for a two-month stay in Toronto. Since it hosted my website, I lost a lot of data, including everyone’s comments to this blog. Meanwhile, I’m doing the web hosting through another company, and on a new domain (davidpritchard.org). I’ve also killed off most of the old website and I’m slowly moving everything into WordPress.

I’m convinced of the blog way of doing things. It means admitting that most of the content on my home page is just a snapshot in time, and inherently dated information. Instead of trying to keep categorized information up to date, I keep my dated information categorized – a more honest representation of the underlying data, I think.

But I’m sure I’ll change my mind again soon. The one true good thing about the blog is that I can coast on other people’s templates, and get an attractive look for the whole thing with relatively little effort. Sure, I had to customize the title bar, but everything else is borrowed.

First post

Yes, I’ve finally entered the world of the blog. I still loath the term, but I’ve come to value this manner of publishing information on the web. RSS is now my favourite way of keeping up with friends’ activities. And hopefully I’ll actually post random trivia to this blog more frequently than I update the entry point to my main web site.