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06.Nov.2011 Delicious food

It’s time for a quick plug of my favourite cookbook of recent years: Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. I’m by no means a militant vegetarian. I spent about five years eating “pesco-vegetarian” (no meat except fish). I now eat about 80% vegetarian and label myself a “less-meat-atarian,” mostly for environmental reasons.  My exit […]

10.Oct.2010 Wedding & photos

J and I got married last weekend in a lovely Muskoka ceremony. We’d like to share photos with everyone – photos of us, photos of other guests, and moments we missed. To do that, we’d really appreciate it if guests can send us their photos! Photos are big – often too big for e-mail.  We’ve […]

27.Jan.2008 Christmas in BC

I spent the holidays this year in the West Coast, visiting many people. J and I stayed with her family in the Kootenays, an area of BC I’d never really seen before. It was truly spectacular: a wet valley between the Okanagan and Calgary, with a coastal climate, mountainous terrain, and a deep lake that […]

04.Oct.2007 Award Winning

At last weekend’s conference for the Canadian Regional Science Association, I presented a paper on Understanding Iterative Proportional Fitting Using Log-Linear Models. At day’s end, I received the Best Student Paper award (in a tie with Marianne Hatzopolous, a Ph.D. student in my lab). Sure, it’s just a small regional conference… but I’m still happy […]