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29.Aug.2013 More movies online! Via the USA

My local video stores all closed two years ago, and we switched largely to iTunes rentals, plus the occasional Bay St. video or Film Buff for obscure films. I was initially quite unhappy with the selection on iTunes Canada – we watch a lot of obscure, old and foreign films, but most of the video-on-demand services […]

31.Aug.2007 TIFF 2007 Picks

So after much delibration, let me present our Toronto International Film Festival picks (a collaborative effort between J. and I). This is by no means a list of the “best” films; it’s more of a strategic list of films that might be hard to see later, and that we have a reasonable chance of getting […]

18.Jan.2007 Films, 2006

Okay, this post is mostly for my own reference, just so I can remember what films I saw in a given year and recommend things to friends or to rewatch. My favourite film this year was Caché – interesting both stylistically and politically. The other highlights were Grizzly Man, C.R.A.Z.Y., Thumbsucker and Hard Eight. casino […]

16.Oct.2006 Angus films

Just a followup on a recent post: Yvonne tells me that Angus Adventures are showing their film in Vancouver this weekend and next (at the Hollywood and Denman Place theatres). I see they’re also coming to Ottawa, Waterloo, Calgary and Edmonton in November (but no Toronto yet). Check out the details of their tour.