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11.Oct.2009 Switched to Mac

I’ve just bought a Mac Mini and retired my five-year-old desktop PC, an Athlon XP based system running the Ubuntu Linux distribution. With steady upgrades (especially a 2GB RAM boost), it was still quite usable, but the CPU was showing its age and the graphics were miserable. I’d tried fitting a new AGP card in, […]

15.Dec.2006 The geek shall inherit the earth

If only I were geeky enough to wear this T-shirt without shame. It cracks me up big time. Courtesy of Rodent Wear. (The title was borrowed from the Economist – they used it to describe the rise of Stéphane Dion.)

05.Feb.2006 Software 2005

On my old website, I used to keep a list of my favourite software. It was a bit silly and pointless, and I’m sure no one ever read it. But I think the idea’s still useful; everyone runs into some neat new software every so often, and it’s nice to share that knowledge around a […]

31.Aug.2005 Bike & compute

I’ve been looking around for a new set of panniers to replace my current beat-up pair. (For the uninitiated, panniers or “saddlebags” are bags that strap to the rack on the back of a bike.) Since I bike everywhere, having good bags is critical – I need to move around groceries, papers, and my computer […]