I use Google’s mail system (gmail), and my user name is drpritch. You can figure out my e-mail from that, I believe, but the spambots out there may have more difficulty. And for posterity, R is my middle initial, and that was my first university e-mail name – it’s not “doctor pritch.”

Personal website

This website is devoted to my professional interests; I also maintain a separate website devoted to my personal interests. Please visit for more information.

One thought on “Contact

  1. I came to your web site because of your Toronto transit map ( – it seems to be the only one of its kind. Thanks for that. Maybe you might find the time to update the north part of the subway with the new addition.
    Coincidentally, I am a C++/C# developer, and the rest of your site is much more interesting! In particular, thanks for your latest blog on asynchronous coding in C++/CX, most interesting.

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